Transerve Technologies

Co- Founders

Ashwanii Rawat and Amarsh Chaturvedi

About Company

Transerve is a location intelligence company that uses Geospatial Technology to enable Digital Transformation & effective decision making. which helps in deploying customized applications for asset tracking/ mapping, monitoring of projects, spatial data collection with geo-tagged pictures and videos and to share maps with key stakeholders or public. Transerve’s solution assists its users in solving complex business problems and allows organizations to deploy on premise in offline and classified environment. Founded by IIT Kanpur alumni, Amarsh Chaturvedi and Ashwanii Rawat, and headquartered at Panaji (Goa), Transerve aims to enable digital transformation. Transerve deploys its CityOSTM system to solve pressing urban issues like property tax, water, sanitation & solid waste management.

From identification to the solving of complex problems related to urban setup, such as inventorying urban assets, revenue enhancement, land records modernization etc., Transerve facilitates increase in municipal revenue and improve civic service delivery by helping urban local bodies maintain an accurate database of properties. Their platform has the capacity to acquire and process information smoothly in a brownfield city that allows for analyzing and relating events, running simulations and anticipating possible problems along with managing special events or even emergency situations.

Transerve received seed funding from Centre for Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship (IIM-Ahmedabad) andCIBA.Further, in the year 2017, IL&FS Investments and Omidyar Networkinvested a total of $ 1.6 million in their pre-Series A funding round. 

Technology-based solutions developed on Transerve spatial platform have found implementation in cities across the country as Transerve continues to focus on creating industry-leading tech innovations that can maximize social impact and achieve sustainable development goals for the greater public good. The platform has been adopted by national agencies for large scale spatial data collection and analytics, and projects aided by national and international development multilaterals.


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