Top rated coworking space in Mumbai 

Top rated coworking space in Mumbai

Coworking spaces were popular among Startups before lock down in 2020. Coworkings are gaining traction again as lockdown produced a lot of freelancers, entrepreneurs, self employed, consultants and Digital task force which need only a laptop and a space to work.

With cost effectiveness and less overhead of running office to tackle, coworking is first choice when people think of a small working place. Our Team has done some research and listed Top rated coworking spaces in Mumbai.

1. WeWork Enam Sambhav

WeWork Enam Sambhav - Top rated coworking space in Mumbai- Founder Talks
Image Source- WeWork

WeWork Enam Sambhav is a Coworking Space in Mumbai. It is top rated coworking space in Mumbai. Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), Mumbai’s sophisticated new business district, this workspace couldn’t be better situated for busy working professionals. 

WeWork at Enam Sambhav is spread over 16 full floors and features beautifully designed, all-glass shared workspaces, private offices, and conference rooms, a sleek terrace lounge, sky court, wellness room, and more.

2. 91springboard BKC Kalina

91springboard BKC Kalina- Top rated coworking space in Mumbai- Founder Talks
Source- 91springboard

BKC is known to house clients from a wide spectrum of verticals right from IT, e-commerce, finance and media. This coworking office space is located in adjacent Kalina. Spanning 18,000 sq. ft. it can seat over 400 members. Working out of this hub is one of the smartest and most economical choices you will ever make.

3. WeWork Raheja Platinum

WeWork Raheja Platinum- Top rated coworking space in Mumbai- Founder Talks
Image Source- WeWork

WeWork’s modern office space in Raheja Platinum offers a creative oasis for entrepreneurs. Intelligently designed collaborative workspaces, beautiful private offices, and fully-equipped conference rooms span each floor. This area is pet-friendly and welcome pets.

Additional amenities including a dedicated game room, an inviting outdoor space, and an onsite fitness centre truly set this flexible workspace apart. This ideal location for commuters has plenty of parking options and access to the Marol metro station. Whether you’re looking to launch your business or grow your existing team, this space is the right stop for you.

4. 91springboard Vikhroli

91springboard Vikhroli- Top rated coworking space in Mumbai- Founder Talks
Image Source- 91springboard

91springboard Vikhroli coworking office space is located in the prestigious Godrej Business District. It spans over 58,000 sq. ft. and and can house more than 1,400 coworkers.

The hub stands tall amongst other giants like Accenture, TCS, Capgemini and Nielsen. The incredible amount of greenery all around is not only easy on the eyes, but it also helps bring the temperature down by a degree or two, in an otherwise hot and sweaty Mumbai.

5. The Playce

The Playce- Top rated coworking space in Mumbai- Founder Talks
Image Source- The Playce

The Playce is a spacious coworking space in Mumbai. They offer Work-desks, Private Cabins, Conference Rooms, Activity Spaces and Meeting Rooms. The Playce is also great venue for CO-LEARNING. They host trainings, seminars, meetups, hackathons, bootcamps & the likes. The Playce have hosted 100+ events ranging from Book Club meetups, Blogathons, Music Jammin’, Standup Comedy, Carpentry Workshops and a whole bunch of Startup Events. 

So if you are someone who like to work and spare some to explore different verticals of life, this is the place for you.

6. Ministry of New

Ministry of New- Top rated coworking space in Mumbai- Founder Talks
Image Source- Ministry of New

Ministry of New is a design-inspired coworking space in Mumbai, for independent professionals looking to be part of an international creative community. Their aim is to create an ideal work environment for the members, where they can feel welcomed, inspired, creative, productive, and relaxed.

This place is very popular among coworking community.

7. Quest Coworks

Quest coworks- Top rated coworking space in Mumbai- Founder Talks

With over 15+ years of expertise, Quest has become a go-to for businesses looking for office space solutions in Andheri, Mumbai. Over the years Quest Coworks has catered to over 1000 brands from startup and SMEs to fortune 500 companies.

With a wide variety of products ranging from serviced offices, co-working spaces, virtual offices, meeting rooms and training rooms we cater to all sorts of office space requirements.

“Our mission is to create a workplace where you can focus on growing your business, your goals, hone your craft, and bring significant ideas to life.”- Quest Coworks

8. Awfis BKC Parinee Cresenzo

Awfis BKC Parinee Cresenzo- Top rated coworking space in Mumbai- Founder Talks
Image Source- Awfis BKC Parinee Cresenzo

Sprawling over an area of 23,000 Sq. Ft., BKC Awfis space boasts of plush industrial interiors. Strategically located in the iconic business hub of Bandra Kurla Complex, the centre offers a breath-taking view of the lush green Mumbai Cricket Association Stadium.

Our aim is to provide vibrant workspaces with well-defined collaboration area possessing comfy furniture, flexible settings for events, enclosed spaces with good acoustic facilities and easily reconfigurable meeting areas. The unique phone booths and meeting pods at every centre are capacious and provide open space for community members to conduct meetings.

This Coworking space in BKC has a seating capacity of 423 people and the swanky Collab area with live counter, high tables, modular and plush seating can quickly make way for an entertainment zone. The seating plan includes premium cabins and flexible desk arrangements.

9. THE BOARDROOM Co-working Andheri

THE BOARDROOM Co-working Andheri- Top rated coworking space in Mumbai- Founder Talks
Image Source- THE BOARDROOM Co-working

THE BOARDROOM – Co-working was designed and developed within 45 days with the help of young architect firm that understood the millennial approach to work.

The only premium space in Andheri west, THE BOARDROOM today attracts media conglomerates, production houses, IT, Image Management, Human Resources companies, Digital Marketing, Advertising agencies, Film Directors, Writers, Actors to SAP consultants, self employed professionals who don’t want to “work from home” and budding entrepreneurs.

THE BOARDROOM can be described as one that gives a premium feel at a reasonable price by providing that kind of experience and service.

10. Plug N Work

Plug N Work- Top rated coworking space in Mumbai- Founder Talks
Image Source- Plug N Work

Plug N Work is a coworking space in Mumbai designed with a freshness and vibrancy conducive to encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit and sowing the seeds of originality and ingenuity. Established in 2019, our vision and mission is to create a fun-loving culture for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and freelancers to grow cohesively in a well-equipped and maintained environment.

Keeping in mind the different needs of ever-growing businesses, we have created dedicated spaces to match your line of work. We aim at making you feel relaxed and focused on your work, while you interact and network with like-minded individuals.

Whether you are just looking for a space to put on your headphones and grind and focus, or are a mobile worker, at-home employee, start-up group, or organization, you can simply plug in your laptop and get to work!

There are meticulously designed cabins, flexible seats, conference rooms, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, virtual offices, etc. You can easily kick-start your business with Plug n Work.

11. Millennial POD

Millennial POD- Top rated coworking space in Mumbai- Founder Talks
Image Source- Millennial Pod

As the name suggests, they are an intuitive and focused co-working unit specialized for the dynamic MILLENNIALS of the ECOSYSTEM.

Our focus in our prototype, which currently runs almost 100% in occupancy, was to ensure a blend of rich and simple solutions for our portfolio companies. No matter how difficult it gets for us we ensure we deliver standards expended from us without excuses.

Amenities- Non-Stop High Speed Internet, Anytime Access, Seamless Housekeeping, Smart Meeting Rooms, Security & Privacy, Anytime Café, Gaming & Recreation

12. CoWrks Worli, Mumbai

CoWrks Worli- Top rated coworking space in Mumbai- Founder Talks
Image Source- CoWrks Worli

CoWrks Worli is located in Birla Centurion in the Worli business district. The coworking space in Mumbai is spread across 61,940 sqft and provides panoramic views of Mumbai.

This premium office space is equipped with private studios, shared offices, flexible workspaces and meeting rooms with the latest technology and amenities.

Contemporary furniture and avant-garde flooring further add beauty to the workspace. Modern amenities and event spaces make this premium coworking space in Worli the ideal place to innovate, collaborate and thrive.

The centre is easily accessible with close proximity to Lower Parel and commercial hubs such as One Indiabulls Centre, Lodha Supremus, Kamala Mills Compound, Peninsula Business Park and Century Mills.

NoteThis list is not sponsored and prepared on basis of working space’s online presence and reviews by the users on their social media and Google Reviews. If you have any problem with the article, you can Contact us.

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