Tinkerly Takes Learning Beyond Screens In Its Online Coding Course Blended With STEM Toys

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The Story of Tinkerly begins with Sharad Bansal, Om Prakash & Kapil Arya who were batchmates at IIT-Delhi. While studying they realised how practical sessions have pepped up their engineering coursework so they thought about using a similar approach in schools to make learning a fun and exciting task for the students and get them interested in STEM programs. They carried out a survey and found out that most of the schools did not have the bandwidth or know-how to push the practical teaching experience. They had a vision and wanted to do something about it, so they joined hands with Vivek Pathak(XLRI alumni) and together founded Tinkerly(formerly known as Srjna) in 2015. To accomplish its goals, the company has partnered with 250 schools to set-up STEM Labs for students.

Tinkerly is around for half a decade in the edtech sector and it also has a STEM Learning Free mobile app named “Let’s Tinker” which is a goldmine of STEM Knowledge and has benefited 100k+ students with its STEM Learning-based content. The Team of Tinkerly is filled with Visionaries and Innovators and they always come up with innovative ideas to help the young generation of the country. The company understands how it is vital for every child to develop future-ready skills from an early age, so they have come up with a unique course offering that comprises superior pedagogy, blended learning, and a play-based curriculum. 

Tinkerly’s STEM & Coding course is curated by a team of IITians and consists of grade-wise concepts of AI, IoT & Robotics for the young minds of classes 1 to 12. This course is affordable and offers unique features such as flipped learning modules, STEM kits which takes the learning beyond the screens and makes it the most recommended online coding course for the young minds of our country. The play-based course curriculum is divided into 4 grade levels such as grades 1-3, grades 4-6, grades 7-8, and grades 8+. Each of the grade levels consists of two types of class packages- Learner & Achiever. 

The Learner package offers basic foundational learning that contains 8 recorded lessons and 3 Live 1:1 online sessions which are conducted by the expert educators. On the other hand, the Achiever package is a special type of package which consists of an interactive STEM kit. It contains basic foundational learning, followed by simulation-based projects along with real-life projects which are based on AI, Robotics, and IoT(Internet of Things). This special package offers 24 recorded lessons and 9 live 1:1 online sessions along with a special addition of one STEM kit depending upon the grade level of the student. 

Each child doesn’t have to learn coding or similar skills, but it’s worth tasting the flavor. We aim to create an environment where Coding is Love, not Fear, we created this play-based curriculum to unleash the true potential of each child.

-Sharad Bansal, Co-founder & CEO, Tinkerly

Unlike other online coding courses in the market which are more focused on traditional methods of learning on digital platforms, Tinkerly’s course offers a unique approach of blending interactive STEM toys to promote hands-on learning experience among the young minds and take their learning journey beyond the screens by lowering screen time over 50%. The Company offers 3 types of interactive STEM kits such as IoT Learning kit, AI Learning Kit, and Basic Science Exposure Kit which are developed in-house by the Tinkerly’s team members. 

Parents will have the full freedom to choose the most appropriate class package according to their child’s grade level by scheduling a Free Demo. Tinkerly course offers the best alternative to the traditional monotonous online coding classes by providing students with the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere. The student can watch recorded lessons on the Lets Tinker App anytime and can resolve their doubts by using the support section of the app to get in touch with expert educators. The Expert educators go through the queries submitted by their students and take a dedicated 1:1 Online Live session to clear their doubts about the topic. 

Tinkerly has been accredited by the US’ largest STEM accreditation organisation for its curriculum and also allows students of Tinkerly to achieve certification from it. Mr. Sharad Bansal, Co-Founder & CEO of Tinkerly has been featured in the Forbes web-series Education Evangelists of India hosted by Author Chetan Bhagat in July 2020. Also, Tinkerly has been featured among the Top Startups which are leading the AI Revolution by NASSCOM.

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