Nannhe Yogis: A start-up that focuses on physical and mental well-being

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nanhe yogi founder Lavina Tekchandani founder talksLavina Tekchandani is a certified health and wellness coach. Completed her Yoga  certification and teachers training course to understand the deeper aspects of  yoga education. She has completed her certification in nutrition from IGNOU, NLP as life coach among various other courses. Being a happy- go-lucky person, she loves interacting with kids. A dynamic personality actively serving society and  making a difference in youngster’s life with her start up “Nannhe Yogis”. Her passion to work with the purest creation of God drove her to start ‘kids yoga’ in Jaipur.  Being curious about kids and connecting them with fitness in an innovative way motivates her every single day. Nannhe yogis,started in January 2020, with a vision to create difference in the life of young minds.  

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 Nannhe Yogis is a package of holistic development of child at an early age. They not only work on physical strength but coach kids to make them mentally strong with brain-based conversations, to build physical & mental strength of each individual with a strong foundation of value system. To make our body flexible an individual needs physical workout , likewise ,to build our mental strength we  need a mind gym- a portion of good thoughts. It is an initiative to offer health and wellness programs for all age groups, which will help an individual in creating a better future and healthier lifestyle. 

nanhe yogi students founder talks The services and offerings that they include are toddlers, kids, teens, young adults,  parents, mother- toddler programs, personal and corporate sessions with one on one coaching for grandparents as well. Connecting with your inner child is a concept of  Nannhe yogis. Yes, connecting to the core value of being a happy child at every stage  of life. There is a special program organized for corporate and grandparents also.  

Being a health and wellness coach they provide consultancy and their kids session includes 

➡500 plus fun yoga theme specially designed for kids 

➡Musical Mantra song library  

➡Story – telling sessions 

➡Paint the Canvas 

➡Value based talks to strengthen kids emotionally, physically, mentally.

➡Fun cards are designed to understand the benefits and names of Asana. 

nanhe yogi yoga riverside founder talksA whole package of flexibility, strength, stamina, inner joy and happiness for little young minds . As every business faces challenges, she planned to conduct her dream camp of 100 plus kids under one roof for summer camp, soon after she got the preparations and registrations done,the pandemic hit. She was confused initially that launching a brand online which she never would’ve thought of in the first place, but after further contemplation and talking to her coach, she decided to launch it online and with the  encouragement, guidance of her near and dear ones, she started it with a passion  to create magic in people’s life. Luckily, it went smoothly and beautifully. A grand  success for Nannhe yogis completing four batches of summer camps in 3 months.  Everything was new for the kids as she had to interact with them online but they connected in order to reach great heights in fitness.

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Currently she has launched “ Nannhe Yogis workbook” to inculcate independence in a child, workbook is designed in such a way that kids can easily  practice yoga asanas and brain game activities from workbook. They are also approaching schools to introduce a concept called “Nannhe yogis yoga shala” where  students just have to invest 10 minutes daily in class to learn mindful practices , with fun games and activities. Yoga can be a part of their daily life. 

She concludes from her experience that , peace should be the priority  of an individual. Even after Covid hit, peace motivated her to look at the other side of life. She believes that we may face challenges at every stage of life, but if we learn to be  peaceful our life will be transformed completely. 

Share love and happiness. 

Be joyful, stay pure 

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