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LenDenClub is one of the fastest growing peer to peer (P2P) lending platforms in India. They connect investors looking for high returns with creditworthy borrowers looking for short-term personal loans.They provide investment options to individuals and institutions and do so with a certain standard of excellence. Moreover, their simple and easy personal loans offer individuals with financing solutions.

Today, they serve 89,000+ investors and 6,80,000+ borrowers.

“We are a marketplace of quality loans for individual and institutional investors.” says Bhavin Patel,CEO and co-founder, LenDenClub

Let’s understand Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending

P2P Lending enables individuals to borrow and lend money without any intermediaries. Usually, a person who is looking to invest money lends it to a borrower looking for a loan on the same platform. It is taking the banking model and revamping it entirely to create a favorable lending and borrowing climate. P2P platforms function completely online. This is where P2P lending platforms like LenDenClub came into the picture. 

Initiation of LenDenClub

It all began when Mr. Bhavin was leading the finance team at an NBFC when one of his teammates could not avail for a personal loan since the loan amount he initiated was too small. That’s when Bhavin realized, short-term loans are a huge problem, and he must build a solution that caters to this particular category. He further realized that India needed an alternative to the Banking and NBFC business model and at that very moment he came up with the idea of developing an alternative model to banking which pushed him to ideate a Peer-to-peer lending platform LenDenClub.

The journey so far

It’s a fascinating story about how Dipesh and Bhavin started working together. When Bhavin was brainstorming on the idea of LenDenClub, he realized that technology is primary for this business segment and he would need a compatible lifelong partner to support his vision. Also, someone who understands and builds complex technology solutions. Bhavin started the hunt and for that he posted a message on all his social media platforms, whatsapp groups and many more platforms. One of his whatsapp groups was the football team group, where every weekend he would catch up with those members. 

That’s how Bhavin met Dipesh and LenDenClub is in its original form since then. By the way, before they decided to be the co-founders, they worked together on LenDenClub for almost around 6 months. Currently, Dipesh takes care of product and technology and Bhavin looks after all other business functions like growth, marketing, operations, finance, collections etc. 

Mr. Bhavin Patel (CEO & Co-founder)

Bhavin has worked as a consultant and advisor to more than 10 NBFCs in the past. He has assisted them on fund raising, new operations setup, ERP solutions setup to name a few. Also, he is a trained six sigma expert. He likes sharing knowledge with students and fresh graduates. To support a few initiatives he also delivers guest lectures at B-Schools sharing moments with upcoming entrepreneurs. Football is his go-to game.

Mr. Dipesh Karki (CTO & Co-founder)
He is a tech-enthusiast who likes working on solving problems of a mass. He has worked on providing tech-solutions to a few Indian Government Administrative departments, Power Plants and Ship Building corporations across EMEA. Also, has helped advise a few budding startups grow. Enjoys playing football in his free time. 

What are they aiming to build?

LenDenClub solves a problem of incorrect capital flow in the economy. We utilize people’s capital to provide loans to people who are looking for credit on a similar platform. Their technology platform runs all approval processes digitally, without the need for manual intervention in the same and this makes a better P2P platform.

Key features of Loan Product:

  • 100% online process
  • Fast approval and disbursement within 15 mins to 2 hours 
  • 5 step app-based loan application process
  • Short term loan products via. InstaMoney

Key Features Of Investment Products:

  • Consistently better returns over the past 5 years
  • Algorithm-based investment plans
  • Curated investment products addressing needs for investors’ long term or short term investment horizon.

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