How to Prepare for an Entrance Exam


The purpose of conducting the entrance exam is to judge student ability, sharpness, knowledge, etc. The aptitude of the student is tested in the entrance exam.
An entrance exam is an examination that is conducted by educational institutions to select capable students for admission. Entrance Examination is the mode for getting admission into various undergraduate, post-graduate and professional degree courses. After clearing the entrance exam students can earn a specialised degree. The main purpose of conducting the entrance exam is to judge student ability, sharpness, knowledge, etc. The aptitude of the student is tested in the entrance exam. A definite pattern is used in the entrance exam. after the students get it done with the written test, the shortlisted candidates in the written test are followed with the group discussion round and the personal interview. TYPES OF ENTRANCE EXAM IN INDIA: In India, there are different-different types of Entrance exams that differ in fields such as engineering entrance exam, Fashion, and technology entrance exam, Film and television entrance exam, Management entrance exam, Medical entrance exams, Science and computer entrance exam, Law entrance exam, etc.
  1. Engineering Entrance Exam:
  • All India Engineering/Pharmacy/Architecture Entrance Examination (AIEEE)
  • Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)
  • Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)
  • National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA)
  • SLIET Entrance Test (SET) conducted by Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology (SLIET), Punjab.
  • State Engineering Entrance Exam.
  • Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test (TANCET)
  1. Fashion and Technology Entrance Exam:
  • Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED)
  • National Institute of Design Entrance Exam (NID)
  • National Institute oF Technology Entrance Exam
  • Pearl Academy of Fashion Entrance Exam
  1. Film and Television Entrance Exam:
  • Film and Television Institute of India Entrance Examination
  • National School of Drama (NSD) Screening Test
  1. Management Entrance Exam:
  • AIMS Test for Management Admission (ATMA)
  • Admission test for commonwealth Executive MBA & MPA Programme (CEMAT)
  • Common Admission Test (CAT)
  • ICFAI Business School Aptitude Test (IBSAT)
  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) 
  • Integrated Common Entrance Test (ICET)
  • Joint Management Entrance Test (JMET)
  • Karnataka Management Aptitude Test (K-MAT)
  • Management Aptitude Test (MAT)
  • National Aptitude Test (NAT)
  • National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology (NCHMCT) 
  • National Management Aptitude Test (NMAT)
  • Open Management Admission Test (OPENMAT) – (IGNOU)
  • Rajasthan Management Admission Test (RMAT)
  • Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET) 
  • Written Admission Test (WAT)- Army Welfare Education Society (AWES)
  • Xavier Admission Test (XAT)
  1. Medical Entrance Exam:
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences Entrance Exam (AIIMS)
  • National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET)
  • JIPMER Entrance Exam
  • AFMC Entrance Exam
CAUSES OF FAILURE IN ENTRANCE EXAM: There are lots of factors which is the causes of the failure in entrance exam such as:
  • Lack of Preparation- Improper preparation downs the student’s motivation and has a bad impact on his/her concentration. 
  • Poor Time Management- Time management plays an important role in the entrance exam. Because of poor management, students can’t complete a task without errors.
  • Distraction- There are lots of distractions such as social media, friends, television, games, etc which leads to distraction and students face difficulty in concentration. 
  • Over Learning Materials- Because of new-new learning materials, the student does not summarize and make confusion about the topic which creates anxiety and stress.
  • Low Motivation- Low motivation leads to laziness in work or doesn’t want to continue the task.
SOME USEFUL TIPS AND TRICKS FOR ENTRANCE EXAM PREPARATION: Entrance exam takes a lot of effort and hard work to clear but along with hard work, knowing some tips and tricks can only be beneficial for preparation and clearing the entrance exam. Remember, cracking an entrance exam is not about hard work but with smart work. 
  1. Create a practical study plan: Students mostly spend more time planning but don’t execute those plans. create a plan which can be easily executed. Give more time to topics that you find difficult and who needs to practice more.
  1. Know your strength and weakness: Everyone has specific strengths and weaknesses. if you are not clear on your weaknesses then you don’t know about your strengths. Paying attention to your strength so that you can enhance your skills and try to work on your weakness which is helpful in strength development.
  1. Use perfect content for theory: Having too many books would lead to confusion during the time of revision which creates doubts that would remain unresolved without a go-to book.
  1. Read the questions cautiously: In most of the question design for trap students by playing around with the question and options. So read the question carefully to understand what the requirement of the question is and see the options with great concentration.
  1. Plan your exam strategy: Planning the way, you attempt various questions to crack the entrance exam. The important thing is this, attempt the easy question first then take time on a difficult one.
  1. Practice previous year papers: Practicing previous year question is beneficial for the student that will help become a habitual to question and how to deal with them
  1. Use our cheat-sheet to revise formulas: Cheat sheet having summarisation of content which is helpful in revision in the last movement
  1. Use the method of elimination: The removing of unsuitable options and opt from the most suitable options that increase the chances of correct answers
  1. Learn all the shortcuts: Every student has shortcuts that are helpful in preparation for entrance exams. It includes formulas, charts, and pictures, etc.
  1. Stay Physically and Mentally Balanced: Physically and mentally fit students have a better motivation for exam preparation
Tips and Tricks are helpful but Hard Work and Smart Work are key to the success of clearing the entrance exam.  Author- Manit Sinhmar, Edupreneur, Founder of MS Educational Consultancy, Director of Operations Former Corporate Relation Officer at ITS Bhiwani

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