How to enhance your public relations in the digital age?

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The digital age has extensively changed the entire Public Relations scene. The transformation of traditional media to new-age digital media has put forth many functional channels which enable engagement with the audience at a deeper level. Building and enhancing reputations is now way easier with newfangled technology. 

A business that builds its public relations through digital media, will always be steps ahead of a business that doesn’t use digital media channels. Public relations is an industry that has gone through a myriad of trials and errors and using digital media channels to redevelop public relations has always turned out successful. 

Earlier, public relations were mainly one-way communications wherein messages were sent out to mass audiences and feedback was insufficient. With the evolution of technology, the PR industry has discovered numerous ways to expand and become more result-oriented. 

Today, results can be measured easily and in detail. To make a mark in the PR industry in today’s digital age, one has to stay updated and be open to utilising all new media channels. So, first things first

Get noticed 

Today, it is essential for Google to recognise you to be relevant. Just posting content is not enough. You have to be active enough and use relevant keywords, synonymous with your business identity, to be featured on Google’s first few pages. Working closely with SEO experts who have a good understanding of the target audience will give you good coverage.

Create an informative and appealing website

The first step towards doing this is treating your website as an important asset. The website has to coincide with your brand identity. Failing to update your website with all the latest information and details about your company can be a setback. A website visually amplifies your brand identity and greatly affects the opinions of people who decide to build relations with you.

Using social media

Social media is the most powerful tool of a digital PR campaign. Connecting and engaging with the audience at a higher level is possible. A consumer’s experience is what is going to determine their relationship with you. Quality content that is created by you should always be posted on all social media platforms to converse and get feedback in a way that traditional PR could never do. There are more than 3.95 billion people in the world using social media which gives you an enormous audience to interact and share your content with. 

Overall presence

Today, users are existent on all media platforms. Attention is no longer directed to only one source. For instance, users don’t only use Twitter or only watch TV. They use social media and other forms of communication at the same time. More than 80% of audiences pair media platforms together. By being omnipresent, a company is visible to a wider audience which boosts content viewership and gets you out there.

Influencer marketing- a new way

Social media stars, bloggers, influencers or actors telling your brand’s story for you or being a part of your media content is what influencer marketing is. Detailed demographics and statistics about influencer marketing campaigns can be viewed easily which gives you an exceptional understanding of campaign results. An influencers engagement rate and followers can be checked, which helps you to make a better choice. This is surely a thing to try out if you want to maintain good PR in this digital age.

Develop a content strategy

Just putting out content on all media platforms will not help if it does not fit the frame of that media channel. The same content going up on all platforms might not work. Every platform has a different frame and your content needs to fit that. For instance, a tweet with various hashtags will get more coverage but a reel will attract more audience on Instagram. Integrating the process of strategic content creation will give you a wider reach while bringing out our companies ideas and goals.

These are a few steps required for you to enhance your PR in this digital age. Today Pr has become two-sided rather than a linear channel and one has to keep up with this ever-changing field to enable the businesses to have a consistent hold. An enhanced PR strategy combined with the use of digital media is the new trend that will give your business a boost and set you off on the right path.

Article by Maddie Amrutkar

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