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Each individual has their own meaning of what fulfills them. In any case, the broad research on happiness has demonstrated that certain needs must be fulfilled so as to accomplish this emotional state.

Happiness is the feeling of joy, satisfaction or prosperity, combined with a sense that one life is meaningful and worthwhile. A “happy person” experience the spectrum of emotions just like anybody else, but the frequency with which they experience the negative ones may differ. It could be that a happy person doesn’t  experience as much negative emotion because they process it differently or they may find meaning in a way others have not. In fact, using the phrase “happy person” is probably misleading because it implies that certain people are naturally happy or that positive things happen to them more often. Nobody is immune to life stressors.

Each individual has their own meaning of what fulfills them. In any case, the broad research on happiness has demonstrated that certain needs must be fulfilled so as to accomplish this emotional state.


Humans are happiest when they have the following:

👉Pleasure: Anything that pleases one of the five senses. E.g.- delicious food, a warm bed, etc.

👉Engagement: the experience of an enjoyable and challenging activity that arouses their happiness.

👉Relationships: Good social environment is an extremely reliable factor of happiness 

👉Meaning: belonging to something bigger than ourselves is a major cause of happiness

👉Accomplishment: the achievement of goals leads to joy and happiness


The types of happiness areas:

👉Life satisfaction-

Life fulfillment is how individuals demonstrate their feelings, emotions and how they feel about their bearings and alternatives for what is to come.(Satisfaction in every single part of life.)

👉Positive feelings-

Positive feeling might be considered as any inclination where there is an absence of antagonism, to such an extent that no torment or uneasiness is felt. (stay motivated and enjoy life)


👉Negative feelings-

Negative feelings can be portrayed as any inclination which makes you hopeless and pitiful. These feelings make you hate yourself as well as other people, and remove your certainty. Feelings that can wind up negativity are despising, outrage, envy, and misery. (Few chronic worries and anxiety, rarely sad or angry).


Here are a few attributes of a cheerful individual. In the event, if somebody has these characteristics, at that point we may accept that the individual is in a happy state.

👉Have more friends

👉Are more generous

👉Cope better with stress and trauma

👉More resilient and have a stronger immune system

👉Make more money and more productive at work

👉Are smarter and more creative

👉Can manage their time

👉Are healthier and live longer

👉Have stable and fulfilling marriages


Here are some following tips to become happy and live life fruitfully.

Find out what to do first-

Explore your qualities and shortcomings. Show signs of improvement comprehension of what these abilities are, and figure out how to enhance your shortcomings and assemble your cheerful aspects.

Give yourself confident boost-

To prove that you can build your own happiness. The most ideal approach to do this is by beginning with simpler abilities like appreciation or investing energy indulging in fun activities. Get a brisk success and you will progress speedily that can truly transform you.

Boost your progress by learning how to feel better about yourself-

You would not rehearse math to show signs of improvement at cooking. Furthermore, you would not become familiar with another dialect so as to get more fit. To be more joyful, you will likely gain more ground by concentrating on aptitudes that are most firmly connected to satisfaction, the ability that generally ends up being most firmly connected to joy is certain self-sees. Figuring out how to set easy

thinking about yourself for instance, by envisioning your ideal self, noticing your positive characteristics, or distinguishing your qualities can go far to expand your joy.

Create balance and overcome burnout-

How are you supposed to have the energy to be happier if you are exhausted and miserable from work? It will be really hard. Develop new skills; skills that will help you be happier will take time and energy helpful first to create better work-life balance.

Make positive memories-

Each region in our brain can be reinforced through training. In the event that our cerebrums are great at recalling negative things that occur, it tends to be valuable to fortify the areas of the mind in charge of recollecting positive things.

Take breaks from social media-

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram generally affects our bliss. By taking breaks from social media or changing the manner in which we utilize online networking can help our happiness boost.

Terminate your negative phenomena-

Negative thought processes like worrying, ruminating, self-judgment, fearing, and rejection leads to unhappiness but stop unnecessary negative thought so to revive your joy.

Pay attention to the good-

Indeed life is a struggle. Be that as it may, by focusing on the good, you can transcend it and be stronger. When you locate the good, relish the experience, and carry it with you to keep up satisfaction notwithstanding during harsh occasions. Or try thinking about a time in the future when you will feel better and improved.

Build meaningful connections- Happiness is to build harmonious connections and social associations. To reinforce these connections, practice benevolence and appreciation towards the individuals you care about.

Find your purpose-

We as a whole need to feel like we made a type of positive effect in this world, yet once in a while, we are dubious of the sort of effect we need to make.

Investigate precisely what gives you a feeling of direction and how you need to seek after this reason to give your life a more prominent feeling of significance.

Hopefully, these tips are helpful for the Happy State of Mind 

Author- Manit Sinhmar, Edupreneur, Founder of MS Educational Consultancy, Director of Operations, Former Corporate Relation Officer at ITS Bhiwani

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