Founder/ CEO

Minal Anand

About Company

GuruQ is a unique digital tutoring platform that was born out of the desire to cater to the individual needs of every child-their learning styles and IQ. The student-teacher ratio in schools makes it impossible to give students individual attention. School education is incomplete by itself,and urgently needs to be supplemented, else students are the ones who suffer and lose out. Students will only be equipped to succeed when learning is customized to their own style. No student is mediocre or less than mediocre- what they need, is to be taught at a pace that enables information to be absorbed and retained by them. Not every tuition teacher
can rise to this challenge. Therefore, the key ingredient of quality tuition is the tutors. GuruQ is forever on the lookout for enthusiastic, experienced and qualified tutors with the right aptitude and attitude. Tutors undergo a stringent multi-level vetting process (includes verifying their knowledge, qualifications, experience, skills, teaching techniques & background) and only the best tutors are inducted into the GuruQ community. Once part of the GuruQ family, the tutors are then given a proper orientation in which they are familiarized with the GuruQ quality standards, modern global teaching tips, techniques and methodologies. They are also trained to use the GuruQ digital platform and tutor dashboard to simplify their lives, teach & manage their students efficiently. Through the dashboard they can manage their schedules, classes & students and create & send notes, assignments, tests and exams.

With the GuruQ platform, students are given different ways to find tutors as per their exact requirements. Since students today are pressed for time, we help them save it by providing tuition completely at their convenience. Students can personalize their tuition classes with respect to the mode of class (offline or online), type of class (individual or group) and budget. They can select a tutor and book classes at short notice and/or even booking them with selected tutors by the hour for special needs such as revision and exam preparation. Even parents can keep track of their child’s progress online and seek feedback when they want to.

GuruQ strives to become the leading aggregator of tutors (individuals or entities) and tuition services in India. Our focus will always be to assure our learners of the highest quality, standards, reliability and safety.


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