GPS Gateway resolves Transportation problems using their big data analytics

GPS Tracking solution

Everyday is a new challenge that comes with the logistics transportation industry. GPS Gateway Provides an emerging solution into the future of the GPS Tracking Market with a tracking platform focusing both on the latest technology and business trends and on their solution in specific, industry use cases, logistics transformation, industrial and construction verticals.

The GPS Gateway’s platform offers a simple and easy way to Track and fleet management, data analytic and reports and schedule with some services to predict data using python machine learning techniques.

GPS Gateway feature graphic founder talks

GPS Gateway is an Indian bootstrapped start-up founded By Prince rajput for the purpose to settle down problems related to Logistics industry specially implementation of IOT and GPS equipment. 

Start-up is offering SAAS platform to companies for tracking their fleets and as well as business intelligence reports company using latest technology big data and graphical data visualization tools that help to co-prorate for better output as per discussion with GPS Gateway team company is using machine learning techniques to analyses data and predict results. 

GPS Gateway founder Prince Rajput founder talks

Mr. Prince Rajput founder & CEO GPS Gateway “at the time whenever the government banned chinese applications we got exponential growth in our customer acquisition. It was a right time for us to estable this solution as the identity of Make in India at Indian logistics market.” 

As per a report around 11 billion dollar worth was lost due to logistics theft in India. In every segment banks, corporates, government organizations and logistics companies are dependent on their own resources on the GPS dependent technology platform GPS gateway come up with solutions to prevent pilferage and theft form transportation.

Growth of new sectors like FMCG, e-commerce, retail and manufacturing, which are also heavily dependent on a transparent platform which real time updates necessary information. 

Start up also working with mobility launch a Android/IOS application with the name of Digital Tracking which is very useful to monitor and perform other related tasks. 

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What are the future plans of the company ?

GPS Gateway team continuously working with the vision of security and transparency including world latest electronics module and sensors. Company planing to impalement automation and AI mode in their solution to automate vehicle health and reduce operational cost for batter productivity.

With its market acquisition aim company planing to serve 1 million customers within upcoming next 3 years. Their R&D team continues affords for batter user experience.

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