Full Interview with Ms Monica Dhawan, CEO, Fusion Corporate Solutions

A seasoned entrepreneur with varied interests, Monica Dhawan dons many hats. Monica, has a deep affiliation with delivering unique concepts and stories. Starting at an early age several notable projects have emerged under her entrepreneurial prowess . It is noteworthy to mentions that she carved space on the J&K bank board at the age of 42(!). She currently serves as the CEO and Managing Director of Fusion Corporate Solutions, which was founded in 1999 and has become a premier service provider for complete design and display solutions for exhibitions, events, and employee engagement programmes. 

An alumnus of the International Management Institute, Monica holds an MBA in Business Management & Marketing and is a graduate of the prestigious Institute of Hotel Management Pusa.

As a leading woman entrepreneur, Monica combines her corporate experience with over two decades of work in experiential marketing, conceptualising the biggest scale conventions and events and moving to adjacencies like capacity building, project/program management, digital transformations, and IEC, building brands and campaigns within government that India has ever seen. She has designed bespoke intellectual properties for customers throughout her career. She is progressive and a forward-thinker. She has been honing her skills in data science and data analytics, creating opportunities and converting opportunities into strength for organizations.

Monica has received praise both nationally and internationally for her excellent work in the field. While awards can never do justice, she has received the “Women Achievers Award” for inspiring women as a “Young Woman Entrepreneur” by encouraging the community through a passion-filled drive on “Tree Plantation,” a project through Tree n Me. She was also “An Ambassador” (India) for the WIA (Women In Africa) Club in the years 2017 and 2018. Inspiring students from primary schools, colleges, and young adults in our nation on topics connected to business and diversity, Ms. Dhawan has been a sought-after inspirational guest speaker at numerous talk programmes for corporations and educational institutions from around the world.

When it comes to environmental issues and sustainability solutions, Monica is deeply committed & consistent towards her passion. She has successfully coupled her passion with her experience in management to support programmes like Think Green, No Plastic, and Tree Plantation

Interestingly, she also has a keen interest in Indian culture, heritage and craftsmanship. Monica is a skilled national-level dancer of the Indian folk form ‘Kathak’. Her penchant for heritage and craftsmanship led her to play a key role in the CSR campaigns for Banarasi Weavers and World of Fashion & Crafts. She has been invited to address the issue on a global scale by the “Spanish Society on Sustainable Fashion where top women entrepreneurs from Europe” have gathered from the disciplines of fashion, law, finance, pharmaceutical, medical, aviation, experiential marketing, and communication. She works with the women’s fraternity to promote awareness by walking the talk and has spoken and represented Asia in the same forums.

A pioneer in the field of employee engagement, which is a crucial component of internal employee communication (IEC) within an organisation and another moving example of a brand-building human experience, Ms. Dhawan has worked with major corporations like Nokia, NSN, Bacardi, Airtel, Del Monte, and Wipro on work-life balance, employee proposition, values, and the development of employee brands with a focus on. The staff of these businesses are strongly motivated by and supported by health wellness. 

At Fusion, Monica’s service and dedication to the company have created path-breaking processes and heart-warming triumphant experiences with clients from 40+ diverse sectors like garments, textiles, auto, defence, aero, petroleum, pharma, aviation, security, fire, infrastructure, food packaging, and telecommunications.  Fusion has built a successful track record of advising different ministries. 

Previously Monica was on board of Directors as an Independent Woman Director of Jammu & Kashmir Bank PSU with a 2000 crore market cap. Monica’s experience in J& K Bank turned out to be of great significance in the emerging scenario in Jammu & Kashmir. She is the Chairperson of ITSC (Information Technology & Strategy Committee) and part of seven prominent committees.

By combining her extensive experience in the corporate and government sectors with her ardent commitment and relentless commitment, Monica has today made sure that everyone succeeds. She continues her quest with all of her passion, steadfast in her conviction to contribute to society in a variety of ways.

In this full interview, Monica shares her story and how she became successful in the corporate world. We discuss her journey from corporate turnaround specialist to CEO of a corporate solutions company, and get a glimpse into her thoughts on business and life.

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