EZVIZ Introduces C8C, its first-ever Outdoor Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera


EZVIZ, a Global smart home security company, has introduced the all new – EZVIZ C8C, an “Outdoor Pan/Tilt Camera” packed with unique features. The C8C has been created to address difficulties in outside surveillance and protection and offers impressive capabilities including panoramic monitoring, AI-powered human shape detection, color night vision, and event-triggered active defense. It is an all-in-one camera that successfully sees, detects, and deters in response to needs for property security.

The orb-shaped C8C is appealing and compact enough to fit in any room of the house and retail shops. A 360-degree field of vision makes it simple for the camera to capture views of broad outside areas where other traditional outdoor cameras cannot reach. An outdoor Pan Tilt camera is a more cost-effective investment, as one single camera can watch a large area from different angles, while many families still use multi-camera setup to achieve such purpose.

Additionally, the camera has a microphone with noise cancellation. To see and hear what’s happening, users may effortlessly control the C8C using the EZVIZ App on their smartphone. Additionally, the C8C includes two exterior antennas for improved Wi-Fi connectivity. It also has a weatherproof enclosure, due to which it will continue to function well even in extreme weather conditions such as wind, rain, or snow.

The C8C has two built-in spotlights and a full-color night vision mode to address the problem of late-night monitoring that plagues the entire business. Even at night, the EZVIZ C8C provides vivid pictures by lighting the surrounding area. The EZVIZ C8C comes with 3-night vision modes, 1: Full color night vision mode it which lit up and vividly restoring to full-color thanks to two built-in spotlights and professional optical lenses, 2: Black & white night vision mode when you don’t need extra lighting, you can switch the camera to the black & white night vision via the EZVIZ App and still see 30 meters (100 ft.) away. And the 3: Smart night vision mode which detect movement and change the video display from monochrome to full color when motion is detected.

The discipline of keeping an eye on everything that occurs outside is complicated. EZVIZ has looked for ways to provide an active defensive system while minimizing erroneous or pointless notifications. To do this, EZVIZ has embedded the C8C camera with its smart human motion detection AI algorithm, so it can detect and distinguish human shapes in particular, rather than sending alerts on moving cars, pets, insects, falling leaves or even home curtains. Users’ mobile devices will receive notifications when intruders enter the property, and a strobe light will turn on as a deterrent.

Speaking on the launch of the new product, Mr. Bipin Gupta, Product Manager, EZVIZ said, “We are pleased to announce yet another product to our exquisite line of cameras. EZVIZ’s outdoor pan/tilt camera line has C8C, which will become a must-have for many households since it caters to several security challenges all at once and integrates functionalities in an impressive design. It is adaptable to use and flexible in installation. Additionally, the pan-tilt capability will provide users a completely new outside monitoring experience!”

The C8C offers simple control, live watching, and video playback using the free EZVIZ app, much like all other EZVIZ products. All videos are efficiently compressed using the H.265 standard and are captured in 1080p high definition. Users have the option of using the camera’s local micro-SD card to store video or signing up for EZVIZ’s CloudPlay, which offers a free trial period of up to 30 days.

Pricing and Availability:

EZVIZ C8C Outdoor Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi Camera is priced at ₹ 6999.

Available in Offline stores across India & View product details here.

About EZVIZ India’s global smart home security company with a wide range of products designed for consumer and residential use. Founded in 2013 with the goal of providing “easy vision” to every family, which makes simple smart home gadgets that provide visual safety and real joy. EZVIZ’s cutting-edge products and services can be used in a variety of settings, including homes, offices, businesses, and schools. It enables partners to share their unique cloud services and collaborate to create a healthy IoT ecosystem. It’s “Indoor Wi-Fi Cameras” and “Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras” are their most unique selling points, making it ideal for any smart home, business, or other application. The company delivers users with a secure, convenient, and smart existence through its intelligent goods, cloud-based platform, and AI technology.

EZVIZ products are designed to cater to various security needs and be utilized for – toddler monitoring, elderly parents, pets, as well as the indoor and outdoor areas of homes, villas, offices, and businesses. All EZVIZ products are meticulously developed to achieve superior quality, visual appeal, and ease of use. As a result of their work, EZVIZ has won a slew of renowned design accolades. Through exceptional hardware, cloud-native software, and an open service platform, EZVIZ engages with consumers and partners to explore the future of smart living. Furthermore, the cameras are integrated with voice commands which support Amazon Alexa, Google Assistance & IFTTT.

As a global brand, EZVIZ is constantly striving to provide high-quality technology and has a large footprint across 130+ countries with 10MN Active Users Monthly.

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