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Luxury home décor label has been creating waves in the online shopping scene with their carefully chosen range of imported home products that are personally curated by the founders of the brand. Born in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, started out as a website that curated and sold
digital art exclusively to bring colour and new-age designs to homes across the country.
The demand and potential to supply unique nouveau pieces of (imported) ornamentation soon made its presence felt, and switched its focus to expanding quickly. In less than a year, the moniker has not only seen its orders double, it has also seen an inclusive evolution in business and strategic operations as well as overall social media presence. chooses to differentiate itself from other home décor portals by offering limited quantities of personally curated oeuvres that are hand selected by the owner of the brand. Instead of cluttering the online shopping segment with an overwhelming assortment of products and ceaseless range that can perplex and
bemuse customers, the brand focuses on marshalling quality products that don’t just stand the test of time, but are also versatile in their ability to seamlessly fuse into and accentuate various home settings.
“Since we personally purchase each product, we can make sure that it is of the highest quality and a class apart from the usual décor items that you find online
or in stores these days,” offers Serene Goraya, founder and CEO of “It gives us great joy to be able to do the thing we love the most, and that is shopping for our home. We want our customers to feel the same joy without having to worry about quality.”
True to her statement, it is their innate love for home décor that inspired Serene and her husband Sim Goraya to help other people decorate their personal space.
During the first wave of the pandemic, the duo realised anew the importance of enjoying their home as they were spending all their time in it. “After days of being indoors, and watching every possible show on Netflix that focused on bright, whimsical home decor, it became apparent just how much we loved searching out the right posters and digital art for our walls together,” says Serene. “My husband (Sim) would sniff out the most beautiful posters, and the colourful joy they brought us at a time when the world was so grey, was colossal.”
Armed with a background in IT, and a natural flair for style – she has also successfully run a fashion footwear label that supplied shoes to many a fashion week in the country – Serene signed up for a course in website development to pursue her fascination for building her own digital art. In October 2020, Serene and Sim launched the website, and on a sheer whim, decided to add a few personally chosen tableware pieces in ceramic. Much to the couple’s surprise (and delight), the response to their art work and the ceramic ornaments was at par. With this vote of confidence, they started exploring international markets to uncover more tableware and décor items and relaunched the website in 2021 as a dedicated luxury home décor products label that supplies accent decor objects, vases, bed linen, table ware, wall art and other decorative items. caters to a target audience that is inclusive of all genders between the ages of 24-60 pan India looking to invest in aspirational luxury brands. Under the careful guidance of its founder, the brand assumes dedicated care in customer relations and eco-friendly packaging. “Our highest priority is to make sure every customer’s requirement is personally handled by our team members. From the time the order is placed, till its delivery, a team member is assigned to the requisite customers, and continues to stay in touch with them throughout their shopping journey with,” says Serene.
Aware of the giant increase in plastic waste due to an increasing online shopping trend, is also committed to doing their bit for the planet by focusing on eco-conscious packaging and minimising their usage of plastic. The brand continues to explore different avenues for bio-degradable packaging. The company continues to propel its presence towards Serene’s vision of establishing as a credible luxury base in the overseas market with a diverse panel of new-age and recognised luxury designers with a strong two-pronged mission in place: the complete elimination of plastic and plastic usages in its packaging as well as a deep priority towards a unique and personalised customer experience enhanced by organic sales and increased brand presence. “We plan to add more categories and handpick luxury brands to join us and continue evolving our store as a luxury marketplace,” concludes Serene.



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